works: objects + spaces
A Day in the Life Of (Journal Photos)
Reduction / Oxidation EP
Fake Banknotes
Ghosts Series
For Clarity's Sake
This Once Smooth Surface
Chaotic Chick
Castaway / Unresponsiveness / Responsiveness
Responsiveness + Unresponsiveness Screensavers
Unresponsiveness (Midnight)
Autorretrato (Self-Portrait)
Black Box (Inside a Box)
Navigational Accident
Information Age Cathedral
Le Marche des Courbaturés
Facing Mirrors
Manhood (what's left of it)
Within Words
Offending Command
Sterile Variables
Fold Here (A Novel)
A Primer on Gravity
Soap Sculptures in American Fashion
Soap Opera
Sediment No 2
Nikon Coolpix 995: Self Portrait
Promise of Meaning
The Opium Den
Guest Laundry
Shakespeare at Lunch
Empty Folders
The Ocean Project
Surfacing Incidents
blowups: photolog and orphan shots
notebooks: notes on paper
Notes To Self (Tablet Notes)